Henk Grim CV - My Well SCOUTED FIRST XI CV in English

See also my covering letter and references at the end of the page!
And CV in German!
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Unique Concept in Football Scouting.

Scouting for your club? Need DATA-scouts? 

Wanna also be a scout? 


Work together with clubs from different Countries and levels!

The only licensed workshop Footballscouting in Holland, Belgium, Germany! 


A few times a month I give the Workshop Football Scouting, which means I can add on and extend my already extensive network of scouts, trainers and technical staff in the Netherlands, Belgium ,Germany, Swiss, Austria and soon in more countries!. This means a 100% coverage in networking!

In my workshops I meet the new talents in scouting, so this scout scouts the scouts! They, too, have the passion and knowledge required for this great profession. They see thousands games a year live! Selected and educated scouts!

Stay in contact with nearly all clubs in the highest League and lower level in Holland and Belgium. BUT I AM A SCOUT! NO AGENT

So I can scout for your club, agency or organisation (DATA!) .... also my scouts for less cost! Email at henkgrim@zonnet.nl

And interested in scouting for us? Please send your CV to me : henkgrim@zonnet.nl

Looking for scouts in Turkey, England, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Scandinavian, Algeria and more countries.

In Holland and Belgium special Program for Education Scouting!  Also coming in Germany.

Videoscouting with Wyscout also possible. 

Kindly regards,

Henk Grim

Professional Footballscouting


Henk Grim -Mein Spitzenelf! 2017 Meiner CV in Deutsch.

Deutsch is meiner zweiter Muttersprache weil ich nur 500 Meter von der Grenze entfernt wohne! Ganz central in die nähe von Nimwegen! Und .... der einzige mit Workshops Fussballscouting in Deutschland!

Henk Grim -Covering Letter

Covering letter

Henk Grim- References

References in football!